533 Dory - Crayfish Commercial Edition

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533 Dory - Crayfish Series 

Built strong and robust to handle anything the open seas can throw at it. Bespoke design and construction to meet the exacting requirements of the commercial fishing sector. 

Made to outlast the rigorous demands operators place upon this vessel and designed to function to assist in gaining maximum efficiency and operational results for the crew and captain. 

Constructed with complete foam filled compartments and gaining positive floatation classification. Extensive consultation has made a very specific layout that exceeds the operational and safety requirements. 

All accessories selected are of the highest quality and durability to match the hull they are fitted to, these vessels are built to be extra tough, to easily handle the rough environment they are subjected to and to also maximise your investment and therefore return.  

Pricing is upon application and varies due to layout, design and requirements so please reach out with any questions regarding specification of the Carbine range of vessels. 

533 Dory - Cray Fish Commercial Edition

Length O.A.                                          5.33m
Max Beam                                            2.05m
Hull only weight                                  750kg
Hull Deadrise                                       23 Degrees
Fuel Tank Capacity                               130 Litres
Horsepower Recommended (Max)      60hp-115hp (130hp)
Hull Construction                                 Composite (No Timber)
Transom                                               Thermolite - 65mm Thick
Configuration Options                         Tiller
Cockpit                                                 Self Draining
Fuel Tank Construction                         Vinylester
Hull Construction Material    Polyester Hull/Vinylester Tie Layer/Foam Filled
Construction Method                           Hand Laid
Exterior Finish                                       Gelcoat
Interior Finish                                       Flowcoat