Life Cell - The Trailer Boat - Assists 2-4 People

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Part Number: 226451

A device designed to reduce the amount of lives lost at sea, by ensuring all safety equipment is contained in one place when abandonment is the only option. Life Cell is made from closed cell PU foam and constructed from U.V. resistant flame retardant polyethylene (PE). They are supplied with a PE mount bracket. The Life Cell is designed to automatically float from the bracket in the event of being submerged. Unlike grab bags, Life Cells float acting as a secure hand-hold keeping all crew together and as stable platforms to assist in the deployment of flares and other safety equipment.
Life Cell is a floatation device that stores all your essential safety gear including;

  • EPIRBs
  • flares
  • V sheets
  • whistles
  • horns
  • torches

Dimensions: 400(H) x 420(W) x 170(D)mm