Rainman Desal

Rainman Water Makers                    Fresh Water Anywhere.                  Water, Water, Everywhere.

A Fresh approach to saltwater desalination. 

Rainman Watermakers are a compact system designed to generate a fresh potable water supply from seawater. They can be installed in a minimum footprint configuration or kept portable for maximum flexibility.

We use only top quality components in the build process from the best manufacturers: Honda, General Pump, Filmtec, and Noshok. Our filters, membranes and replacement parts are non-proprietary for ease of service worldwide.

The production-ready prototype was launched at the 2014 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on the Gold Coast, Australia. After a overwhelmingly enthusiastic response at the boat show, production began and first shipments shortly thereafter. Keen to expand our product line, work immediately began on the design of the electric versions of the system (230V/50Hz and 115V/60Hz). The first units were marketed across Australia to ensure reliability of the design and production. After achieving local success, the product was launched internationally later in 2014.

Email all enquires to  parts@pdmengineering.com.au

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Water Maker Comparison

At A Glance

Rainman offers three main power sources for our watermakers. AC electric, petrol (gasoline), and 12VDC electric. This table compares the specifications between the various options. Keep in mind there are different options for reverse osmosis (RO) units, so the fresh product water output depends on which one you choose.

Product Water Output Expectations
RO – High Output
(2 x Filmtec SW30-2540)
100 – 140 lph
26 – 37 gph
100 – 140 lph
26 – 37 gph
Not Available
RO – Compact
(2 x Filmtec SW30-2521)
50 – 70 lph
13 – 18 gph
50 – 70 lph
13 – 18 gph
Not Available
RO – Economy
(1 x Filmtec SW30-2540)
50 – 70 lph
13 – 18 gph
50 – 70 lph
13 – 18 gph
26 – 34 lph
7 – 9 gph
System Specifications
Configuration Options Case or Naked Case only Case or Naked
Control Panel Optional Not Available Optional
Autoflush Optional Not Available Optional
Power Source 230VAC / 50Hz
115VAC / 60Hz
Petrol (Gasoline) 12V DC
Power Use 1,250 Watts 700ml Fuel / 70 Minutes 410 Watts
Current Draw 6 Amps (230V)
12 Amps (115V)
nil 32 Amps
Motor Type 1.5HP TEFC induction Honda GXH50 (4 stroke) Permanent magnet TEFC DC
Plug Type
Australia – AS/NZS 3112

n/a Anderson style
Power Cord Length 3 metres (10 ft) n/a 1.4 metres (4.5 ft)
including battery connectors
Subjective Sound Level Loud hum Slightly quieter than
Honda 2kVA generator
(under max load)
Soft hum
Measured Sound Level
  6 Metres in Open Lot
62dB 73dB 58dB
Integrated Lift Pump Flexible impeller Flexible impeller Flexible impeller
High Pressure Pump General Pump WMR Series General Pump WM Series General Pump WMR Series
Operating Pressure 55 bar (800 psi) 55 bar (800 psi) 55 bar (800 psi)
Pressure Relief Valve Interpump 316SS/Ceramic Interpump 316SS/Ceramic Interpump 316SS/Ceramic
Prefilter Single 5 micron pleated Single 5 micron pleated Single 5 micron pleated
Permeate Flow Meter 0 – 150 lph (40 gph) variable aperture 0 – 150 lph (40 gph) variable aperture 0 – 40 lph (11 gph) variable aperture
Intake Hose Length 5 metres (16 ft) 5 metres (16 ft) 3 metres (10 ft)
Vertical Water Lift 2 metres (6 ft) 2 metres (6 ft) 2 metres (6 ft)