HPF Pro Evinrude Gear Oil (946ml)

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Johnson/Evinrude HPF Pro High Performance Gearcase Lube 32oz 946ml
Use HPF gearcase lubricant for high performance outboards, commercial fleets, rental operations and stern drives. 

A high-viscosity blend of enhanced friction reducers, anti-foam agents, and synthetic E-P additives systematically deliver exceptional durability and reliability with ultimate film strength. Marine-specific inhibitors and emulsifiers deliver unequaled protection against corrosion and lubricant breakdown caused by water intrusion.

HPF Gear Lube promotes long gearcase life in marine use, especially in severe duty applications. 

HPF PRO® is the factory fill gearcase lubricant for Evinrude® E-TEC® outboards.

  • Optimized viscosity
  • Runs cooler
  • Won't Foam
  • Emulsifies Water


Length- 10cm

Width- 10cm

Depth - 10cm